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Sunday, 15 March 2009


Yesterday we went to a new area around Addingham. We started off at Ilkley dead on nine o'clock. No one around now but when we get back here in the afternoon it will be heaving.
Left Ilkley walking along by the river. This is the start of a walk called the Dalesway Walk.

We head off towards Addingham. After a while we left the riverside and had to cross a busy by-pass so we could walk up a nice quiet countrylane called Cocking Lane. Heres a pic looking down on Addingham and across towards the hills.

Along here I found a nice milepost to sit on although we're not going to either place on this walk. This was at a crossroads so we set off northwards now and after a while get to go through some farm lands. There were a couple of lambs here so spring must be on its way.

Up hill now to a place called Haw Pike. I think it should be Raw Hike as it was quite windy here and I had to make sure I didn't get blown away. Sure glad I had my scarf with me. Over the hill and we head down towards Bolton Bridge. I got to see the station for the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway and the abbey itself in the distance.

After a sarnie and coffee on a bench down at Bolton Bridge we walked back towards Ilkley alongside the River Wharfe. It was a lot warmer here than up in the hills.

We saw this old building which was a Quaker Meeting House built in 1689.

The walk went away from the river a bit at Addingham and then continued and eventually we retraced the bit we did in the morning. Just befor we got back into Ilkley we saw some ponies with their jackets on.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Biddle's first post

I have decided to have my own blog to keep a record of the walking and trips I make with Wendy and John.